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Brenda Cyr
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About me

Hello, I'm Brenda Cyr and I am licensed in the province of Ontario to sell life insurance and living benefits in person or remotely.

There are many different types of life insurance and most people would be surprised by their options. I can quote and explain underwritten term coverage, permanent and participating coverages, as well as guaranteed issue products. I also source coverage options for those who are harder to insure for various reasons.

Likewise, there are many living benefit coverages or health insurance products. I can readily quote and explain the various benefits of disability insurance, critical illness, cancer coverage, long-term care, accident, travel coverage and medical plans, as well as childrens coverages.

As an insurance agent, I gather information about you or your family's current needs and future objectives. I recommend products suitable to your financial situation and based on your greatest needs for protection. I also help minimize personal and financial risk. I will provide you with unbiased recommendations that put your interests first and foremost.

Lastly, I provide discretion, compassion and maintain the privacy of my clients and potential clients.

Companies I represent

As an independent agent, I place business directly with a large variety of companies including, but not limited to:

  • Manulife
  • Canada Life
  • BMO Life Assurance
  • Empire Life
  • Blue Cross
  • Canada Protection Plan
  • Equitable Life
  • RBC Insurance
  • Sun Life
  • Humania
  • Desjardins
  • Industrial Alliance
  • IA Excellence
  • Ivari

Most common reasons to call a life insurance advisor

  • Your term life insurance renewal is astronomical, you may be very happily surprised if you shop around
  • Starting a family, getting married or buying a home, i.e. bigger responsibilities
  • Growing your family or your debts, your life insurance should grow as well
  • You would like to know your options and the benefits of plans for your children regarding permanent life insurance, accident or illness coverages
  • You are separating or remarrying and need to ensure alimony or child support as well as current or future needs
  • You are partnering or jointly own a business and need insurance for a buy/sell agreement
  • You have gone into business for yourself and need to purchase your own disability coverage and/or want to opt out of WSIB
  • You want to protect your assets and retirement savings, maybe time to consider critical illness or cancer coverage
  • You would like to cover the capital gains on a family cottage or property for your children or provide equality in your estate plans
  • You are a young professionals who recently graduated, or are soon graduating. Many professional program graduates have time-sensitive discounts and flexible financial approvals for disability insurance to cover your future earnings
  • You have taken a job or contract that does not offer group benefits or specifically short or long term disability
  • You would like to have someone review your work coverage. Rarely will you have enough life insurance for you and/or your spouse or you may want to purchase your own or additional disability or critical illness coverage
  • You have disability coverage or WSIB at work, but you need coverage 24 hours or want a quote for your spouse
  • You are planning to travel and need coverage or are bringing someone into to Canada who will not have medical coverage
  • You would like to know if you could quality for life or living benefits, don't be afraid to ask

Call Brenda Cyr
Phone: 647-379-1304

Call or Email for a discussion, and I can arrange evening and weekend appointment times to fit your schedule.
We can meet in person, virtual meeting, or by telephone.
Many companies now offer full online applications and policy delivery.

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